• Requirements
  • Metasploit Modules


Before we Learn to use Metasploit we should prepare our Metasploit Lab Environment, Preparing a Lab environment will help us to locate our problem or mistake easily as it is very much ordered and you know whats going on.

Lab environment doesn’t mean you need to have a different PC’s or laptops, you can even create a lab environment with your only laptop or PC ensuring that it meet or exceed the following system requirements.

we are using a virtual machine, you can find a lot of videos online how to get the free vmware and install both kali linux and windows operating system in a single PC.
If there is a problem in Installing you can comment below.

Minimum of 30Gb of space for your kali linux Operating system and  The bare minimum requirement for VMware Player is a 400MHz or faster processor (500MHz recommended). The more horsepower you can throw at it, of course, the better. Finally a decent Internet connection.

Metasplot Modules

The metasploit Framework is composed of many modules like Exploits,Payloads,Encoders,Nops

  • Exploits 

Defined as the modules that use payloads

An exploit without a payload is an Auxiliary module

  • Payloads,Encoders,Nops

Payloads consist of code that runs remotely

Encoders ensure that payloads make it to their destination

Nops keep the payload sizes consistent

Loading Additional Module Trees
Metasploit gives you the freedom to load modules either at runtime or after msfconsole has already been started. Pass the -m option when running msfconsole to load at runtime.

See you again with Metasploit Fundamentals, doubts and suggestions can be commented below.



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